BEIJING: With the aim of reducing the ‘information deficit’ and ‘information mismanagement’, the Belt and Road Economic Information Partnership (BREIP) has decided to build an ‘information bridge’. The initiative has been taken to remove information asymmetry amongst the BRI countries and better internal communication between them. The portal will allow member countries to upload and examine information and stay updated on new policies and technological breakthroughs taking place in BRI countries.

The BRI info portal is maintained and operated by China Economic Information Service (CEIS) under Xinhua News Agency.

Alfred Schipke, International Monetary Fund Senior Resident Representative for China said that along with the development of the Bridge, countries need to focus on strengthening policy frameworks and push capacity development. He added, “The effective sharing of information will be more and more important. Here, the BREIP could be a key platform.”

The representatives of all BRI countries showed their appreciation towards the move and said that it will prove to be a breakthrough in information sharing globally. The Bridge will also eliminate ‘information asymmetry’ and help countries plan their national and international policies better. The Info Bridge will also channelize the efforts of various news agencies and direct their efforts to people who will put them to better use.

Source: Xinhua News Agency