About Us

Beltnsilkroad.com  is an initiative by UCLG ASPAC to create a platform for communication and knowledge sharing among the people along the silk roads. The communication would include sharing of good practices of cities, communities and governments, insights on developmental issues including challenges facing the region and cultivate greater cooperation among the people.

The publication is aimed to specifically support local governments along the silk roads by bringing together views and practices in a platform that encourages effective debate, dialogue and deliberation to enable better habitats along the Silk Road. We will strive to bring viewpoints from various leaders and experts, and happenings from various locations in the Silk Road and hope to add meaningfully to the discourse on a sustainable, inclusive future.

The news portal will contribute towards achieving the objectives as unanimously set out in the Guangzhou Consensus and as stated therein in the spirit of “peaceful partnership, inclusive development, mutual learning and mutual benefit”.