LHASA: A forum emphasizing on the development of Tibet was organized in Lhasa, demonstrating the plateau region’s readiness to hear suggestions from the international society on development and opening up.
The conference was attended by top local officials and international experts. The discussion centred on the development of Tibet, a clear vision and plans for the region to open up and explore opportunities brought by the Belt and Road Initiative. Over 70 international government officials, scholars, journalists and top officials in Tibet such as chairman Qizhala and top regional legislator Losang Jamcan participated in the event.

Qizhala declared a fresh set of actions to further open up the area and sought international cooperation in infrastructure, trade, culture, finance and technology. Tibet will keenly endorse the building of the Trans-Himalayan Multi-Dimensional Connectivity Network, he added.

Each Chinese province or region plays different role in the Belt and Road Initiative and Tibet is a significant region to seek cooperation with South Asian countries, said Wang Yanzhong, a researcher from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
According to statistics, import and export trade in Tibet values approximately 693 million U.S. dollars in 2018. Investors in the region invested around 280 million U.S. dollars in countries contributing to the Belt and Road Initiative. The previous year, Tibet welcomed 30 million tourists, almost 10 times bigger than the population in the region.

Source: China Daily