The founding premise to start the portal www.beltnsilkroad.com is to bring to you the information, news items, in-depth articles and interviews of the major stakeholders participating in Belt and Road Initiative. More than a hundred countries are part of this massive project taken up by China and entails spending of trillions of Dollars over the years on building infrastructure, social connection and sustainable solutions.

Our objective is to bring you detailed coverage of all the activities that connect countries and benefit citizens. The website will inform the targeted readership that includes city leaders, policymakers, local governments’ officials, private players, urban planners, environmentalists, academicians, researchers and other concerned stakeholders on the latest development of the BRI and facilitates dissemination of knowledge, good practices, and policy innovations for sustainable development.

The specific objectives of running this website are:

  • To provide information and possible guidance on development-related matters to local governments, other stakeholders and citizens in the BRI’s geographical areas and the wider region;
  • To promote sharing of knowledge among different stakeholders of the initiative;
  • To report about potential challenges on local/urban development and their strategies to overcome. Particular emphasis will be given to “innovation and creativity” that can be shared with wider international development community;
  • To present various aspects of the BRI that concern diverse groups of people including youth populations, through reports and analysis from the perspective of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
  • To have positive guidance of people and local governments in the Silk Road area, showing about the potential they have, and exposing their contributions to the well-being of society;
  • To cover evolving small cities and towns where most people live. With the spirit of “No One Left Behind” of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the News Portal will not just highlight megacities and metros but also will cover the issues of small cities.

United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific UCLG ASPAC is the key knowledge management hub on local government issues in the Asia Pacific region. The objective of starting this news portal is to keep all stakeholders informed about the progress of various programmes under Belt and Road Initiative and build a knowledge platform through which concerned stakeholders can join hands for building a sustainable world. But to sustain we need your support and also to remain both editorially and financially independent. UCLG ASPAC seeks contributions from like-minded organizations that support mission and vision behind Belt and Road Initiative and become a partner in building a sustainable future for coming generations. This means relying principally on contributions from readers, participating organisations, concerned citizens.

Benefits to Supporters of BRI News Portal

We are inviting companies and institutions that share the same objectives and work towards the promotion of SDGs, green and blue economies to be part of this initiative.

  • Be associated with an exclusive magazine covering the world’s largest infrastructure project encompassing over 140 countries;
  • Join the noble mission of building a sustainable and well-connected world, and advance efforts to achieve objectives under SDGs;
  • Allow your company to reach a wider yet targeted audience;
  • Increase Brand Awareness: It goes without saying that every organisation strives to maintain a positive and respected identity and favourable public opinion in the domain your organisation is functioning.

We welcome you to join us in this endeavour and support us through donations and advertisements so that we can continue to publish news, views and articles on this project of eminence.

Support the Initiative

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