BEIJING: After attending the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing in April, Duterte decided to visit China for the second time this year in less than five months, which shows how close ties are, the heightened desire of Manila to cooperate with Beijing and the high degree of political trust. The significance of this visit lies in that it would further promote pragmatic cooperation and turn the consensus between the two countries into concrete action.

Since Duterte has taken a more pragmatic approach in dealing with Sino-Philippine relations, since he assumed office in 2016. He has attached more importance to economic cooperation and played down the South China Sea dispute. With the gradual advancement of the BRI in recent years, Philippines has realized the tremendous opportunities brought about by the initiative and there are more and more cooperation plans between Beijing and Manila. Therefore, it’s imperative for Manila to maintain positive Sino-Philippine relations on the right track for the Philippines’ economy.

As for China, its neighborhood has always been the focus of the diplomacy. In the context of increasing competition between China and the US, ensuring peace and stability in the neighborhood and maintaining close cooperation with neighboring countries, such as the Philippines, is very important.

Source: Global Times