Mobile app to make commuting easy in Auckland

Representative Image
Representative Image

Auckland: With a growing number of third-party apps available for a plethora of mobile devices, cities that designate one official transit app can make finding reliable information easier for consumers. Auckland Transport has launched an application to make it easier for public to use public transport. It has an alert function which notifies how far away the bus or train is and in that way one can identify when to leave their home in the morning.

In late 2010, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation launched an app called Go Metro. The app provides visitors and locals a way to plan across-town trips and uses GPS to identify the closest public transit station near you. Users of the app will also be alerted to news from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Highlights of the Auckland app:

  • Create and save journeys.
  • Create and save real time boards.
  • View the real time location of your bus.
  • Receive notifications when your bus is one stop away.
  • Get reminded via notifications to get off your bus or train (great when you’re traveling to unfamiliar areas).
  • Receive route-specific notifications like bus stop closures or major disruptions.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates from Auckland Transport.