BANGKOK: As an important oriental starting point of the ancient Maritime Silk Road and a core area of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, Fujian, China has been successful in reaping the fruits of its efforts via a tremendous increase in trade and cooperation with BRI countries and regions in recent years. A number of Fujian’s brands are now preparing to compete in the world market and are actively promoting the ‘going out’ of the goods as one of the important contents.

An important country on the “Belt and Road” is Thailand. It is the second largest economy in ASEAN and the fourth largest trading partner of China in ASEAN countries. It is the logistics, trade and financial center of ASEAN. As the “ASEAN Heart” and “Asian Umbilical Belt”, the economy has been showing rapid development and growth. Last year, growing 5.1% year-on-year, the total import and export trade between Fujian and Thailand was 28.16 billion yuan. As of 2018, Fujian has 16 foreign companies and branches investing in Thailand while Thailand invested 151 projects in Fujian with contractual foreign investment of 450 million US dollars. The agreed investment amount is 86.219 million US dollars.

“Fujian Brands on the Maritime Silk Road” (Thailand) was the first stop of the series activities of the Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce in 2019. Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce set up Fujian Brand Pavilion, which showed the overall image of Fujian Province, demonstrating Fujian’s enabling business environment and reform and opening up results, and exhibiting Fujian brand products. Meanwhile, the enterprise product exhibition area consisted of more than 83 (91 booths) brand enterprises in food, shoes, clothing, home, building materials etc. The site welcomed many international merchants to visit and cooperate in the booth.

Source: Yahoo