BEIJING: According to the China Movie Data Information Network, a film featuring human stories inspired by the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), titled “Common Destiny” will feature on the big screens on the Chinese mainland.

Stories of people whose lives were affected by the BRI and its policies will be included in the movie. The characters in the movie include a 12-year-old Kenyan girl who, in order to look for an art teacher, manages to catch a train from Mombasa to Nairobi. It also includes the story of a boy from China’s Xinjiang who has the dream of playing professional basketball and meeting his idol Yao Ming and an elderly craftsman from Spain who comes to China seeking the origin of paper-making.

The film was produced by a 300-person team and is 95 minutes long. The team travelled 300,000 kms across Asia, Africa and Europe over the past two years to find out how the BRI has changed the lives of ordinary people around the world.

Source: Xinhua News Agency