LONDON: China and the United Kingdom have pledged to cooperate on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and improve the multilateral trade system. A new round of economic and financial dialogue was held in London.
The 10th China-UK Economic and Financial Dialogue was co – chaired by Hu Chunhua, Chinese vice Premier and British Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond. Macroeconomics and global economic governance, trade and investment, big project partnership to financial reform and financial market development and cooperation in new areas were the focus points.
Both China and UK presented 69 mutually beneficial outcomes and signed cooperation documents.
Hu asked the two countries to apply the agreement between their leaders and asked the officials to work with each other more on the BRI, manage their macroeconomic policies, and enlarge trade and Investment Corporation.
“China and the UK should foster new highlights in financial cooperation and improve global economic governance to inject new vitality to our bilateral relations,” Hu said
Hammond further added that the UK has unique benefits in participating in the BRI and will be ready to boost trade, investment, and finance and energy cooperation with China. The UK and China will also work together to safeguard multilateralism and multilateral trade system.

Source: Xinhua News Agency