TORONTO: The 2019 Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) is being organized at the CNE Coca-Cola Coliseum from 16 August to 2 September. This year too, the exhibition features 17 Chinese lantern exhibits. The exhibits are centered around myths and stories related to the ancient Silk Road. The exhibit has been names ‘Captivating Legends of the Silk Road and together creates a luminous kaleidoscope of color.

The exhibits have been designed and created by Chinese artists. The artists used local items to build the magnificent exhibit. New to the Silk Road exhibit this year is the ability to have the lanterns become animated using augmented reality and an app on smart-devices, completely transforming the exhibit and bringing the lanterns to life.

The lantern exhibit has attracted thousands of visitors already and has been extremely successful. It is often being noted as one of the main attractions of the 2019 CNE.

The CNE is Canada’s largest community event and one of the top ten agricultural fairs in North America, attracting about 1.5 million visitors annually over the course of its 18-day run.

Source: Xinhua News Agency