Big Data Industry Expo Guizhou to become China’s ‘Big Data Valley’

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After increase in the number of internet and mobile users in Guizhou, it is attracting companies like e-commerce and gadget manufacturersto set up in the province and is in the process of becoming “Big Data Valley”. Guizhou Province has become the centre of attraction and has also been labeled as a great place for smaller companies to startup in the tech industry.

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GUIYANG, China: Local government of Guizhou is providing favorable policies and financial support to the companies establishing in the province. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that the digital economy is transforming mankind’s way of production and living and is increasingly becoming a new engine powering economic growth. Guizhou Province followed the trend and pioneered in the process with remarkable results.

According to Vice Premier Ma Kai, “China is willing to work with other countries to promote innovation and cooperation in digital economy. Data has become one important fundamental and strategic resource and China should go further in big data innovative application to speed up transforming the manufacturing sector.”

Not only the big companies like Alibaba, Qualcomm, IBM, Huawei, Tencent, Baidu, Lenovo and Foxconn are setting up branches in the province but it has also been labeled as great place for smaller companies to startup in the industry. After the establishment of the Province’s new area “Guian” in 2014, more than 400 companies, related to the big data industry have been attracted to the area.” The government gives us strong support,” Dai Xiang, co-founder of Baishan Cloud that was set up in Guian in 2015, said when explaining why the company decided to open in Guian.

The local government has built the Huaxi University Town to train talents for developing the big data industry in Guizhou which consists of nine local universities and 110 big data companies. Because of this, now college students can get practical exposure to the work before graduating from their studies. Companies are also providing benefits to the students by giving them pre-placements.

To collect and analyze administrative data, China recently launched its first big data engineering laboratory in Guizhou province which is offering privacy protection of data. The big data technology will also help in Government decision making, social management and in government supervision.

Big data is bringing a drastic change in China and Guizhou is becoming the first pilot zone for big data. One such example is of provincial high people’s court, which has set up a big data system to aid the handling of cases and facilitate public inquiries.

To promote big data, China has organized an exhibition with a theme centered on big data; the Guiyang Big Data Expo has now been successfully held for two years in a row. The previous expos have attracted investment worth 58.9 billion yuan (8.6 billion U.S. dollars) to Guizhou Province. The Expo became a national-level event in 2016.The Guizhou provincial government rolled out a development strategy for big data in 2014, with the big data digital information sector scoring a 62-percent year-on-year growth in market scale that year. Guizhou’s GDP totalled over 900 billion yuan in 2014, achieving the growth target outlined in the 12th Five-Year Plan one year earlier.