Belgium extends commuter benefits to all e-bicycles

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Belgium: In an effort to promote environmentalism and a healthier lifestyle, Belgium government has extended commuter tax benefits for employees who travel to work on any electric bicycle. Employers can currently reward staff if they come to work on a bicycle and they will get paid for every kilometer they cycle. As per the rule, commuters can get 23 cents ($0.26) per km cycled between their home and their place of work. The new law covers electric bicycles that can reach up to 45 km per hour (28 mph). Those limited to 25 kmh were previously covered.

“We want to encourage cycling for commutes for obvious reasons, notwithstanding the type of bicycle used. Belgium paid out some 93 million euros in 2015 for more than 400,000 users of the scheme which has almost doubled since 2009,” said Finance Minister Johan Van Overtveldt.